Planning your Holiday in Rishikesh, Here is the List of Best Tourist places in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a tehsil in Dehradun district of the Indian state, Uttarakhand. It is in the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India and it is known as the 'Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas and gateway to Char Dham (Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri) The town got its name after Hrishikesh, one of the names of Hindu God Lord Vishnu. Rishikesh has charismatic beautiful view of jungle-clad hills.

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Today Rishikesh itself as the ‘Yoga Capital of the World’, with masses of ashrams and all kinds of yoga and meditation classes.where the exquisite setting on the fast-flowing Ganges, surrounded by forested hills, is conducive to meditation and mind expansion.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Rishikesh

There are many tourist places in Rishikesh that showcases the beauty of the place and offer an unforgettable travel experience. Below are some Tourist attraction places :

1. The Ganga Aarti at Triveni Ghat

The sunset Ganga Aarti at the bank of River Ganga draws between hundreds and thousands of Tourists.Prayer performed every evening on the banks of the River Ganga, it is highly recommended to go over there. Ganga is not only a river.

Ganga Aarti

She is truly a Divine Mother.It gives peace to soul and refresh it as one of the meanings of Aarti literally is “remover of pain.” The aarti is accompanied with beating drums, chanting of bhajans and bells. People lit oil diyas and put them on flower-filled leaf boats and release in the holy waters of the river. These illuminated lamps in the evening provide a beautiful view.

2. Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

Neelkanth Mahadev is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, located in the hills about an hour from Rishikesh.It is about 19km upwards from the foot of the hill to the top.

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In Mahashivratri a huge number of devotees visit the temple to pay their homage to the Lord. The offering of flowers, honey, milk, water, coconut and Bael leaves are made to the Lord. Some people do trek and some get a jeep which will bring you straight to the top. The roads are narrow, and a bit bumpy but the scenery is beautiful and you get to see the valley.

3. Rajaji National Park

Rajaji National Park is an Indian national park and tiger reserve that encompasses the Shivaliks, near the foothills of the Himalayas. A paradise for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts,.More than 500 Elephants, 12 Tigers, 250 Panthers and good prey base including Spotted Deer, Sambhar, Wild Boar, rabbits,Barking dee and over 400 bird species makes Rajaji National Park a perfect wild life and bird watching destination.

Rajaji National Park

Summers is the best season for elephant ride in the park, which is very enjoyable and a popular activity. It is recommended to go Rishikesh from Haridwar via Chilla, Rajaji National park in on the way and beautiful place to visit. Enjoy jungle safari and then reach to Adventurous and Spritual place Rishikesh.

4. Jumpin Heights

“Jobs fill your pockets, but adventures fill your soul. – Jaime Lyn” will definitely come true when you visit Jumpin Heights. Jumpin height present India’s first extreme adventurous zone. They have three major activities such as - Bungee jumping (83 meters, India’s highest bungee jumping), Giant Swing and Flying fox Bungee (Asia’s longest flying fox rides zooming past at approx. 160 kmph).

When Tourists visit Rishikesh then this is a must do activities here. All these rides are designed to give you the most amazing adventure experience of all times. Tourists can also trek through the beautiful lush terrains of Uttarakhand.

5. Parmarth Niketan

It is an Ashram located in Rishikesh. It is the largest ashram in Rishikesh which have more than 1000 rooms, the facilities are a perfect blend of modern amenities and traditional, spiritual simplicity.

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Ashram is just next to the Ganges you can go to the Ganges by walk they have his own private ghat. It is the largest Yoga centre in Rishikesh where people thronged from across the world because of its piousness and serenity. H. H. Swami Chidananda Saraswatiji is the president of Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh, India.

6. Laxman Jhula

Laxman Jhula

A pedestrian hanging bridge across the Ganga,. Lakshman Jhula was built in 1939 and is an 450 feet long iron suspension bridge across the river Ganga. Lakshman Jhula is one of the most prominent landmarks at Rishikesh. It is said that Lakshman crossed Ganges on jute ropes between the place where this bridge is built.It is good spot for photo session and a signature landmark of Rishikesh. There are spectacular views from the bridge.

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7. Bharat Mandir

In about 789 A.D on the auspicious day of Basant Panchmi, Jagadguru Bharat Mandir or Temple is an most ancient, most sacred, most famous temple in Rishikesh. Adi Shankaracharya reinstalled the presiding deity in the temple. The temple is famous among Tourists as it comprises an idol of Lord Vishnu, which is placed in the inner sanctum of this temple. Once in a year on Basant Panchami there is a big fair comes.

8. Shivpuri

Visitors can do It is located at a distance of 19km from Rishikesh. It is a town situated on the bank of Ganges river. This place is basically famous for water sports. This place is paradise for adventure lover especially water sports lover.Trekking, Camping, Kayaking, Rappelling and white-water Rafting. Camping in Rishikesh has soon become immensely popular. This place is also known for Camping as it is a recreational activity that does not have any age limit. Anyone who likes to explore new places and enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature can embark on a camping voyage.

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9. Neer Garh Waterfall

2 kilometers from the Laxman Jhula, a visit to this mesmerising waterfall will leave you awestruck. It will hold you captive in its eternal beauty. Neer Garh Waterfall is a famous waterfall for small trek. The water flowing from natural rocky cliffs tempts the holidaymakers to take a cool dip in the narrow stream. The trekking to the waterfall is an adventurous activity as it involves walking through the jungle on narrow trails. Overall, the place is perfect for a much-needed timeout from the hustle of the hectic traveling. One of the best tourist places in Rishikesh, Neer Garh waterfall also attracts many wanderer photographers.

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10. The Beatles Ashram

The Beatles were one of the most popular music bands in 1960's throughout the world .The Beatles visited this Ashram 50 years ago it is great to walk around the abandoned compound trying to imagine what their experience was like. After this visit Rishikesh suddenly came in limelight through out the world.After being ignored for years, Uttarakhand's Forest Department has finally converted the ashram into an eco-friendly tourism destination. Nature walks, bird watching, and a visit to the ashram are on offer for an entry fee of Rs 150 for Indian nationals and Rs 600 for foreigners.

The Beatles Ashram

The Beatles first met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in London (1967). Later they also attended seminar of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at Wales. The Beatles were attracted to his meditation and teachings. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi invited them to his ashram in Rishikesh for advance learning. In February, 1968 Beatles came here at the ashram along with their family, support staff and few reporters.The main purpose of their visit to this ashram was to get advanced training about the Transcendental Meditation

11. Rishi Kund

Rishi Kund the Pond of the Sage. The Hindu mythology has an interesting story to tell. It is said that a sage named Kubz was blessed by the Goddess Yamuna who filled this pond. is a place you wouldn’t want to miss. The hot water spring with various mythological references attracts many pilgrims every year. Being part of Raghunath temple and close to Shani and Triveni Sangam, this place is easily accessible and is one of the best places to visit in Rishikesh. It is believed that Lord Ram took a bath in this tank when he was exiled. Shadows of the nearby Raghunath temple keeps on dancing on the floor of the pond making it lake look more captivating.

Things To Buy from Rishikesh :

Stones, Puja Items,Adventure Gear, God Printed T-Shirts, Bhajans Music CDs

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Places Near Rishikesh

1. Haridwar

(Distance from Rishikesh : 20 Km )

Haridwar is one of the Hindu holy places in India and a center of Hindu religion and mysticism for centuries. Located on the banks of River Ganges (Ganga). Haridwar (also called Hardwar) is Uttarakhand’s holiest Hindu city, and pilgrims arrive here in droves to bathe in the fast-flowing Ganges. The sheer number of people gathering around Har-ki-Pairi Ghat give Haridwar a chaotic but reverent feel. Within the religious hierarchy of India, Haridwar is much more significant than Rishikesh.Haridwar is the site of many religious festivals. Most notably, once every twelve years it is the venue for the Kumbh Mela, the world's largest festival.

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2. Dehradun

(Distance from Rishikesh : 45 Km )

Buddha Temple

Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand. It is one of the most beautiful resorts in the sub mountain tracks of India, known for its scenic surroundings. Dehradun is famous for its salubrious weather and its prestigious schools is one of the most talked about cities of Uttarakhand.

Dehradun is also called the school capital of India for the number of schools it is home to. The much-loved Basmati rice is grown in abundance in this city and then exported to other parts of the country.

Places to see in Dehradun : Sahastradhara, Paltan Bazaar, Tiger Falls, Robber's Cave, Tapkeshwar Temple, Malsi Dear Park, Mindrolling Monastery

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3. Mussoorie

(Distance from Rishikesh : 78 Km )

Mussoorie is one of the most impressive hill stations in the northern India and it is most visited by visitors. Mussoorie is a beautiful city and it is also known as Queen of mountains. It is situated at a height of 1,880 metres (6,170 ft) with lush green hills and a serene environment.On the way to to Mussoorie from Dehradun near by kuthalgate, there is a Shiv Mandir, Recommended for tourist to visit the temple and have a sip of Tea and Prasad in the mandir.

Places to see in Mussorie : Camel Back, Lal tibba, Kempty Fall, Bhatta Fall, Mussoorie Lake, Nag Tibba, Gun Hill, Company Bagh and George Everest

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4. Kanatal

(Distance from Rishikesh : 80 Km )


The town of Kanatal is located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Picturesque beauty peacefully lying in the Garhwal Himalayas A hilly angelic-looking paradise located in the beautiful state of Uttarakhand. The town is located 78 km away from Dehradun and around 38 kms from Mussoorie

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5. New Tehri

(Distance from Rishikesh : 76 Km )

Reckoned to be the only planned city in Uttarakhand, New Tehri boasts one of the world’s largest hydroelectricity projects.Here is a massive Dam and an artificial lake. New Tehri was built after when the Old Tehri region was submerged. It is located on the bank of the Tehri Dham.Tourists around the country visit the site throughout the year. This man made lake is the biggest attraction here which attracts number of people. The atmosphere is pleasant at New Tehri.

6. Lansdowne

(Distance from Rishikesh : 126 Km )

Lansdowne is a town in Pauri Garhwal District in Uttarakhand State. Lansdowne is known as a quite hill station of India.It is tranquil and serene. Lansdowne is quite famous place among travelers but not that much crowded like other tourist places. Lansdowne is an untouched, pristine town, miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is in the south of Pauri in route Kotdwar and is surrounded by thick oak and blue pine forests offering great mountain views.

Places to see in Lansdowne : Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple, Bhulla Tal, Snow View Point Garhwali Mess, Darwan Singh Sangrahlaya, Bhim Pakora, Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple

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About Rishikesh

The name of the town itself is after one of the names of Hindu God, Lord Vishnu. According to legends, the great Hindu saint Raibhya Rishi performed prolonged penance on the banks of Holy River Ganges at this place. As a reward to saint’s strong penance, Lord Vishnu appeared to him in his incarnation of Lord Hrishikesh. Thus the place got its name.

Rishikesh has been a part of the legendary 'Kedarkhand' (the present day Garhwal). Legends state that Lord Rama did penance here for killing Ravana, the demon king of Lanka; and Lakshmana, his younger brother, crossed the river Ganges, at a point, where the present 'Lakshman Jhula' bridge stands today, using a jute rope bridge.The sacred river Ganges flows through Rishikesh. It is here that the river leaves the Shivalik mountains in the Himalayas and flows out into the plains of northern India.

Rishikesh has also confluence of River Ganges and Chandrabhaga.Rishikesh has been attracting spiritual seekers and adventure enthusiasts since a long time now. Situated in the foothills of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand, Rishikesh is a must-visit destination for all adventure seekers. Tourists visit Rishikesh not just to seek spirituality but for adventure as well

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