How to change Gas Connection Address in Simple Steps with Details

LPG Address can be easily changed while shifting from one place to another place. Below are the prerequisite and way to change the gas connection address

Documents required for Transfer gas connection:

  1. Proof of Address
  2. Proof of Identity
  3. Gas Book
  4. Gas Pressure Regulator
  5. Gas Connection Document (Provided to consumer when Gas Connection has been Received)- Filled out LPG Transfer Form.
  6. Detail of the gas agency of the place where you are moving or going. This can be done by accessing the detailed records of distributors on the gas company’s website.

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Gas Connection Transfer procedure:

1. Take your original documents mentioned above and also carry photocopy of the same and visit the current LPG distributor place.

2. Submit the filled LPG transfer form, Gas Regulator and the Gas connection document to Gas distributor.

Note: If you are transferring from one city to another then you have to surrender your existing LPG Gas Cylinder and Gas Pressure Regulator and You will receive a refund of your security deposit for the LPG Gas Cylinder and the Gas Pressure Regulator.

3. You will receive a Gas transfer voucher from current distributor that will resembles your gas connection voucher. Check all the details carefully mentioned in it before leaving the current gas distributor’s office

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4. After getting address proof of your new place of residence submit the required document such as Address Proof, Identity proof and the gas transfer voucher to the new agency.

5. There can a nominal fee as transfer charge, which varies from agency to agency

6. After submitting the documents, New gas agency will confirm your transfer and will issue a new gas connection voucher in which your new address will be mentioned.

After this you can book LPG cylinder, which will be delivered to your new place

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